Smart Fuerteventura

-We are a private non-profit organization that aims to encourage and promote major tourism development model, quality and environmentally friendly on the island of Fuerteventura, the criteria and guidelines of the strategies of the Charter European Sustainable Tourism.
-To contribute to an orderly and sustainable development of Fuerteventura as a tourist destination, with respect for the environment, sustainable economic development and the recovery and maintenance of cultural traditions. Encourage the promotion and development of a range of quality tourism, tourism intelligent (smart), in response to their own models of rural and those unique projects in which management encourages and values ​​the family, contact with the local population and genuine relationship with the lifestyles and local culture, with special emphasis on the experiences in rural, restoration, recovery of architectural, ethnographic and environmental environment by identifying and promoting responsible products.

We are connecting with like minded organisations in London and the UK whose members would appreciate an adventure break in traditional settings with access to the many outdoor activities available, or even those just seeking a quiet and peaceful  holiday experience in Fuerteventura. Therefore, would very much appreciate your feedback and kindly inform your members of our first ever Smart Fuerteventura Lottery “ Win your smart experience in Fuerteventura",where all the participants will participate in the lottery of  3 day staying for two persons in one of our rural house, during the coming months and two smart experiences with our specialized eco companies.
Date of next lottery: 15/04/2016
Dates to enjoy your smart experience: On request during the months of April, May and June 2016, upon availability.
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